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CV. Pondok Daya Office
Jl. Argandaru No. 7, Bukateja
Purbalingga, Central Java, Indonesia 53382
Mobile Phone : +62 811186728 
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Traveling across the sea, air and land within my beloved country, Indonesia. 
Meeting friends, people, partners, farmers on the island of the blessing nation.

Sourcing the goodness of the Mother Nature provide us best and deliver them to the world. To you!

Trying to make a balance life, naturally support business that could keep the sustainable environment; 
farmers could earn some cash and keep the trees stand still. Nature conservation. That’s one of our goals and vision when we start this business. 
That’s why we’re focusing in organic products, or at least a natural product that have the opportunity to be certified as organic one. So we could discuss with farmers, stakeholders, partners and also clients about the Mother Nature give us, and what we should do to give it back. A small action for a better life, better future. Really hope it could help, at least for our own soul.

We been doing this for eight years now, and We are still trilled. So many challenging tasks to do. So many opportunities ahead. We know, we could do better, step by step, altogether. We small, but we can sting! We’ll do it, we’ve done it that’s why we believed it.