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Coconut FlowerAnd Coconut Sap Handling for Super Quality Coconut Sugar

Good handling of coconut flower and coconut sap and when in the coconut tree is one of the steps that absolutely need to be considered to obtain coconut sugar (brown sugar) with super qualification.

Handling co conut flower and coconut sap at the coconut tree to get the best coconut sugar includes 3 steps are:
1. Coconut flower (mayang) electing phase will be taping
2. Coconut Flower (mayang)
slicing techniques
3. The process of tapping coconut sap from coconut flower (mayang)

1. Choose a coconut tree in a palm fruit stalkwhich has more than 5 pieces, because this is a sign that the tree has a good sap productivity / coconut fruit .
2. In choosing cococnut flower (mayang), take coconut flower (mayang) that have not bloomed since if it did not bloom so it had not contaminated by elements from outside, especially insects or other pests and was bounded together in order make easier in collecting sap.

1. Before mayang is sliced, it should straight down directly in order to accelerate the discharge of sap by the help of the earth gravitional force, sos that the outcome of sap can be maximum.
2.Before mayang is sliced, here we can see the other function of bounding mayang. It was done in order to make easier of the slicing process in one way slicing.
3. After it had been bounded and before sliced, the coconut flower was bitten slowly from top to tip by wood for provoking the sap.
4. Cutting the edge of mayang was done the next day with longitudinal direction.
5. Slicing of coconut flower can be done 1 or 2 times depend on the farmer habits
6. Slicing was done by using special tool (may not be use
d for other purposes) for sterilizing of nira itself
7. If mayang sliced ​​in the morning, mayang should be sliced ​​about 4-5 cm by facing down.
8. Usually for the first day the result of leading was less than the maximum, sap began pouring on the second day after the first slicing.

1. Put pongkor (bamboo or plastic container) to hold the sap dripping from coconut flower that has been sliced​​.
2. To avoid mixing of sap droplets and raindrops, you must cover above pongkor with palm tree leaves or other cover
3. Each tap coconut wine (sap) slicing should be done only 1 time with a sickle/sharp (tapping knife) to avoid damaging the sap out of the way
4. Field experience shows that the maximum sap out of the lead in just 15 days after that there is decline in the quantity of sap in a coconut flowern, but usually after about 30-40 dayswe can tap a new coconut flower (mayang) would appear.
5. Pongkor for holding the sap must be clean in order to produce super quality sugar, and in the process of sap tapping, it’s addes laru (a mixture of mangostan skin and lime) to prevent fermentation.

Those, gerenal process of handling coconut flower and sap while they were still on the tree in order to produce super class coconut sugar/brown sugar.

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