Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

Difference Drying of Coconut Crystalic Sugar With Oven And Sunlight

Basically a nice coconut crystalic sugar crystals are coconut crystalic sugar which contents of water between 2-3%. In the normal conditions, coconut crystalic sugar still in good contition in one year selflife
There are 2 ways for conditioning crystalic sugar crystals with water content of 2-3 persen
1. Dried by oven
2. Dried by sunlight
eachs drying process procedures has advantages and disadvantages.

1. Dried by oven
- not affected by weather / natural conditions
- drought standardized
- palm sugar produced highly sterile
- more extra costs
- The color of coconut crystalic sugar become more brown (dark)
- The taste of coconut crystalic less sweetness than dried by sunlight

2. Natural dried (dried by sunlight)Advantages:
- Operation cost more cheaper than dried with oven
- the color of coconut cristalic sugar more brighter and tend to yellow
- original and sweetest taste
- highly influenced by weather (natural condition)
- weak in the sterility

By using the 2 ways above, each of them would be become more needed based on the demand of buyer

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