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We’re producing and selling coconut sugar (borassus flabellifer) . A sugar which originated form from further proccessing of palm trees or coconut trees. Well known in Indonesia, especially in java island as gula jawa and then, these kind of sugar would be procced again into spesific products called: Gula semut /crystallic-coconut sugar. These kind of sugar are needed nor traditional or modern foods industries as natural-sweeteners or one of ingredients.
crystallic-coconut sugar made of nira, a white sap obtained by tapping the inflorescences of the palm / coconut trees. To turn it into sugar, the nira is first strained to remove dirt, then boiled until it becomes syrupy. It is then poured into a mold, usually made from half the husk of a coconut / palm, and is left to harden. After it is removed from the mold, the coconut sugar is ready to use. In making gula semut, however, the boiled nira is not simply poured into a mold. Instead, it is stirred and strained and dried so that it forms granules.
Coconut sugar is believed to be more nutritious than sugar extracted from sugarcane. It contains calcium, phosphor, iron, and even protein and fat, which are not present in sugarcane sugar. That is why coconut / palm sugar is believed to be beneficial for people suffering from calcium deficiency

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